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mini massager massage mooyee relief
mini massager massage mooyee relief home decor homeware
mini massager massage mooyee relief home decor homeware chinese medicine
mini massager massage mooyee relief home decor homeware
mini massager massage mooyee relief home decor homeware

Nightwings Mini TENS massager

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This 'Nightwings' Mini TENS massager is literally a magic massager helping to relax your body anytime and anywhere with its Compact Pocket Design. Adopting with the advanced technology of TENS ( Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation ) which is a widely applied technique for muscle atrophy treatment, muscle force training, endurance training, pain treatment, functional movement therapy, and the restoration of motor functions, it reduces your muscle unease and fatigue, relieves the nerves and restores your body vitality quickly.

Main Features:
Carry-on Massager
Pocket design, easily relax your exhausted body anytime and anywhere
TENS Technology
Advanced TENS pulse massage technology is adopted to reduce the muscle unease and fatigue, relieve the nerves and restore the body vitality quickly
Versatile Massaging Skills
15-grade intensity in 2 modes is designed to meet your different massage requirements
Easy To Use
Only 3 buttons, easy to use
USB Rechargeable Design
With USB charge port, 2 hours charge ensures 5 - 6 days massage of 25 minutes every day
Wide Applications
Stick it to your pained body, suitable for shoulders, back, waist, arms, legs and so on. 

  • Prohibited massage position: • Head, throat, chest, abdomen.
  • Avoid : Heart disease patients, pregnant and children


 Indicator light 

When you are using it:

  • Press +: the machine is on, the light is white but it hasn't started to work. Press + again, the light is flashing and the machine starts working.
  • Mode 1: indicator light is white
  • Mode 2: indicator light is blue

When you are charging it:

  • The light is red when it's charging and it goes off when it's fully charged
    How to understand the sound

When you are using it

  • One 'doo' : turn on and increase intensity
  • two 'doo': it is on the highest intensity
  • three "doo": it means it completely fits with your skin

Major Parameters

  • Material: ABS & PC
  • Size: 40*40mm
  • Battery Capacity: 70mAh
  • Operation Temperature: 0°C - 45 °C

 We do highly recommend to change the electrodes once every 2 - 3 months. GET THEM HERE 


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